Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I was once one of 'those'

The "holidays" are past and now we are moving into a new year.

I am thankful for the time of reflection of our Kings birth--Jesus--as we celebrated Christmas. The gift He gave us through His birth, death and resurrection can never be matched. Because of this great gift, we can have life everlasting, with Him.

As we embark on our journey into the new year, many people feel excitement, because all things seem new. Old opportunities become fresh again, and dreams are in full color. Most begin to plan in the last few months of the "old" year about what to do differently in the new.

This year I am purposing to draw closer to my Lord and serve Him with fervency. To do so requires sacrifices of time, energy and finances. Weighing the odds of materialism versus spirituality is vital in achieving this purpose.

There are those who woke up January 1, 2010 still on the park bench or in the card board box they lay down in December 31, 2009. Or the single mom with track marks throbbing from near infection due to dirty needles. Her baby lying next to her or in another room needing food and a change. Perhaps they too, awoke with hope that this year would bring a fresh start for them. But, somehow it seems impossible.

As Christians we are commissioned to reach out to those around us and tell them of the good news of Christ Jesus. There is hope in the hopeless and help for the helpless through Jesus. As a result of my reflection this season, and my pointed purpose; when weighing the odds, the scales tipped in the favor of pursuing the Lord with my whole heart, mind and soul.

You see, I was once one of "those" who woke up in the park on a crisp Janaury morn. My hope quickly dashed by despair, then I met a man named Jesus.

Someone reached out to me and told me about the only hope. How about you? Will you reach out this year, this day, this week or month to someone near you and offer them the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ?

Photo: http://creativecommons/flickr/decafinata

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