Wednesday, January 27, 2010

'Give it up and let Jesus take over'

Have you ever had a "near miss". Whether it is a car passing too close or a slip where you almost fall; a near miss can leave your heart pounding.

The circumstance determines the outcome of its effect on your life. This morning, I took inventory--I had a near miss of what I felt to be life or death.

Starting the day as usual, a stabbing pain suddenly hit me in the back and went to the front of my chest. It took my breath, brought me to tears and screaming for help.

My husband came to my immediate aid. We began to call on the Lord. With tears rolling down my face, not only did the pain grip my chest, but so did fear.

Suddenly, I felt unsure about leaving this earth and meeting my Saviour, Jesus. Crying out to Him, I was ashamed at my reluctance. Realizing that I wanted to see my children and grandchildren again.

Saddened by the thought that I might not be able to say I love you to all the people in my life again. My husaband on his knees praying for God's mercy and intervention through tears of his own. We both knew it was serious.

In a few minutes time the pain lessened, but I was left feeling weak, very, very weak. Wisdom would say I should have gone--and probably still should--go to the doctor, I decided to remain at home.

I wanted to take the time to "get it together" with the Lord and my life. Things I thought I had already done. I want to be ready at any moment to let this world go. To do that, I must seriously turn all my concerns, responsibilities and wordly goods to Jesus.

If you have not already, allow me to encourage you today; be ready. Ready to trust the Lord with our loved ones and our lives.

I'm working on making sure of something I already thought I knew. As one of my favorite songs reads: "give up and let Jesus take over", I realize I must apply the words to my heart.

God's Blessings my friends! I love you.


  1. Most of us can't wait to get to Heaven, but when we think it might actually happen, we're frightened. It's a hard thing to overcome... the fear of death. I hope you get to the doctor! At least take some baby aspirin until you can get there.

  2. Thank you, Diane for your words of truth and sage advice.